Bursary Awards

SINDA-SIET Tertiary Bursary Awards

SIET in partnership with SINDA will grant bursaries to deserving full-time students who are experiencing financial difficulties. All full-time students have to be enrolled in a government funded post-secondary institution during the time of the application. Please see ‘List of Eligible Post-Secondary Institutions’ for more information.

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Indian/other South Asian origin.
    (Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal)
  • Full-time students in a government funded post-secondary educational institution.
    List of eligible post secondary institutions.
  • Per-capita household NETT income (PCI) of $1,000 per month or less.
    (PCI is nett income of all family members, divided by the total number of family members in the same household).
  • Has applied for financial assistance such as Bursary, Tuition Grant/Loan etc with his/her institution prior to applying for SINDA-SIET Tertiary Bursary Award.
  • Applicants are required to attend at least 1 SINDA programme in a year.
School Quantum of Assistance Closing Date
Junior College $100 / month up to 12 months 15 th October 2020
ITE $100 / month up to 12 months 15 th October 2020
Polytechnic $150 / month up to 9 months 15 th October 2020
University $200 / month up to 9 months 15 th October 2020


Apply Now

    • This quantum is applicable only until December 2020.
    • Quantum starts from the month of submission.
    • Applicants must be registered students studying in their respective educational institutions for the entire duration of their course.
    • All applicants will be required to attend an interview with the SIET management and decision of the panel shall be final.

SINDA Bursary for Primary and Secondary

Students in Primary and Secondary schools can apply for bursaries from SINDA at http://www.sinda.org.sg/students/sinda-bursary/

I have been a recipient of SIET bursary for the past 2 years and have greatly benefited from it. With the financial load off my parents' shoulders, I was able to better concentrate on my studies. With excellent results, I was able to enter the Director's list for 3 consecutive semesters.

Marina Ann Joseph, Yr 2, Molecular Biotechnology, NYP

I have been receiving SIET bursqry since 2012. I was able to minimise my family household expenses as the bursary was helpful in paying for my polytechnic notes, textbooks and stationery and daily expenses. Whenever I have extra after spending, I will save it. I’m thankful as SIET bursary also taught me how to manage my finances carefully which will help me in the long run. The bursary has helped me both financially for my education and allowed me to be an independent person.

Mohamed Rizwan Hussain, Yr 2, Dip In Marine Onshore Technology, NP

SIET bursary has benefited me in various ways. I am able to cover my transportation fees which can cost me up to $85 per month. I'm glad that I don't have to worry my mother about my pocket money. Working after school can be really energy draining with lots of assignments to be done. Rushing my assignments could also lead to bad grades and it would affect my GPA. With the bursary, I don't have to rush my assignments and I am motivated to achieve better grades.

Nirmal Bhai D/O Sundramoorthid, Yr 2, Dip in Pharmaceutical Sciences, RP