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Bursary Awards

SINDA-SIET Bursary Awards

SIET grants bursaries to deserving full-time students who are experiencing financial difficulties. All full-time students have to be currently enrolled in a government post-secondary institutions. Please see ‘List of Eligible Post-Secondary Institutions’ for more information.


  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Indian/other South Asian origin. (Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal)
  • Full-time student enrolled in a government post secondary institution (Please see list of eligible Post-Secondary Institution)
  • Per-capita household NETT income (PCI) of $1,000 per month or less
    (PCI is nett income of all family members, divided by the total number of family members in the same household)
  • Has applied for financial assistance such as Bursary, Tuition Grant/Loan etc with his/her institution prior to applying for SINDA-SIET Bursary Award
  • Applicants are required to attend at least 1 SINDA programme in a year
  • Only fully completed bursary application forms will be processed.  All the supporting documents stated in the form must be attached together with the bursary form for verification

Application for SINDA-SIET Tertiary Bursary 2021 is now open! 


Junior College

$100 / month up to 12 months
Quantum is applicable only until December 2021


$100 / month up to 12 months
Quantum is applicable only until December 2021


$150 / month up to 9 months
Quantum is applicable only until December 2021 


$200 / month up to 9 months
Quantum is applicable only until December 2021

Important Notice

  • Applicants must be registered students studying in their respective educational institutions for the entire  duration of their course.
  • Please read through the criteria carefully and submit your bursary application form with the necessary supporting documents. 
  • All applicants will be required to attend an interview with the SIET management and decision of the panel shall be final.
  • Kindly ensure that the declaration is made by the applicant and all the details on the bursary form are clearly and correctly stated.

Please do a complete softcopy submission of the bursary application form and supporting documents in a single PDF file and email to first. Subsequently the original bursary form and supporting documents can be mailed at:

  Mailing Address:

  Singapore Indian Education Trust

  No.1, Beatty Road, #04-402

  Singapore 209943

For further queries on SINDA-SIET Tertiary Bursary 2021, please email or call/whatsapp 9617 3203.


Faheemah Normarkali

The SIET Bursary has benefitted me and my family financially. It made us less worried about how I am going to get school supplies and books especially when the school does not provide free books and uniforms. We must get them using our own pocket money. Therefore, this bursary lessens the burden of not just me but my family as I can now get enough school supplies or revision books and items that I need. In Mechatronics, we need a lot of hand tools and school does not provide all of them. Thus, to do school projects well we need proper hand tools and since they are not so cheap so I will use this bursary to get what I need.

Name: Faheemah Normarkali
Course Title: Nitec in Mechatronics Engineering
School: ITE College West
Year of Study: 1

Praveen Kumar

Receiving the SIET Bursary has helped lighten the financial burden of my family. The financial aid that I receive helps with my monthly expenses in school and allows my dad to handle other financial matters with lesser constraints. As my dad is the sole breadwinner of the family, this financial aid helps him to manage my younger sister’s expenses in school as well. My younger sister is in her final year in Republic Polytechnic and my mom is a housewife. The financial aid received from SIET helps me focus on my academics instead of worrying about the monthly expenses in school. It allows me to perform my best without any worries about monetary expenses.

Name: Praveen Kumar
Course Title: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
School: Nanyang Technological University
Year of Study: 2

Hiwasshini Mathan Kumar

Upon receiving the SIET bursary in 2019, it has helped to lessen the financial burden for my family. I had to leave my part-time job to concentrate on my studies. Some days I end up without eating at all until I get home. However, with this bursary, I have enough money to eat as well as focus on studies to achieve good grades. Thanks to SIET for providing me with this bursary and help my family and me.

Name: Hiwasshini Mathan Kumar
Course Title: Diploma in Computer Engineering
School: Temasek Polytechnic
Year of Study: 2

Saambavi D/O Ganesan

I am very grateful to have received this bursary. It has helped me a lot as I have been able to use the money for my school expenses and pocket money. I have also been using the money to top up my ezlink card and as my brother is a PR holder in Singapore, it helps us to pay for his monthly school fees. This bursary has helped me a lot financially as I do not have to worry about my school pocket money expenses and can concentrate on my studies better.

Name: Saambavi D/O Ganesan
Course Title: Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science
School: Republic Polytechnic
Year of Study:

Annisa Ibrahim

As a university student, it may not be easy to struggle with part time job while studying full-time. With the financial aid provided by SIET, I can focus on my studies and not having to work at the same time. Also, SIET provided us with various opportunities to improve ourselves through courses and mentors who can assist us in our career planning too. I am thankful to SIET for all the aids rendered.

Name: Annisa Ibrahim
Course Title: Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences
School: Nanyang Technological University
Year of Study: 4


SIET Office will be closed from 6th April 2020 until further notice. For submission or queries on application form, please get in touch with us.